What is Drug Anxiety?

The key challenge that anybody in the psychiatric filed is faced with is determining what is the best way to go about the treatments for anxiety and depression? The challenge is not only to be effective over a short period of time but to build long term sustainable changes in the overall psyche and lifestyle of the patient. Considering that the spectrum of research if so broad in its nature, it becomes important for one to focus on a lot of parameters, namely: medical and psychological, physical and nutritional, environmental and familial issues. Each of these needs to be considered and how it contributes to the overall well being of the patient. If the above factors can be assimilated into depression treatment, then these truly account as a holistic depression remedies.

In terms of adopting a treatment policy, one would do well to examine the above factors one by one. If one pays attention towards to the physical factors causing depressions, these could be factors such some physical disorder or could be caused by some nutritional imbalance. Also checking one’s drug consumption is a good idea as there might be drugs that are not going well with one’s constitution. There are also some natural factors such as Thyroid gland dysfunction or adrenal dysfunction that might cause depression. A look at these factors will go a long way in determining whether the treatment for depression and anxiety is successful or not.



The next stage of identifying the problems involves a look at the psychological factors that me contributing to depression in the patient. There are a number of psychological factors that contribute to depression and each one should be explored. One could be a victim of some unsolved hostile situations, which might breed aggression and frustration in the individual.

Another reason that can lead to depression is that maybe the person is suffering from the loss of something or someone and this has deeply ingrained itself in the psyche of the individual. And troubles in relationships are always a persistent source of anguish. Taking the above factors in consideration, it becomes important for one to realize that psychotherapy forms a very integral part of the cure for depression. It holds the potential to relieve stress in an individual and take out all his negativity.

A look at the above factors is just an indicator so to what constitutes holistic depression remedies. The key points determined from the analysis above would have to be merged with medications, herbal supplements to cure depression and use of therapy to provide the prefect treatment to the patient.